Alternatives make push for retirement accounts


The following article addresses changes in portfolio allocation strategies involving the use of alternative investments. Specifically, not only does it indicate that advisors are increasing the percentage of alternative investments in a portfolio, it also addresses the use of alternative investments in retirement plans. At Wilshire, we are seeing more advisors employ the use of alternatives within an investment portfolio to generate returns and as a hedge against various factors that may impact overall portfolio performance. As a short term fixed income alternative investment, a couple of the key factors advisors consider when recommending the WFP Income Fund include that it is not correlated to the stock market or bond market, uses various safeguards to help protect an investors principal investment, is a short term fixed income investment, has paid consistent dividends and has generated higher returns as compared to other short term fixed income investments. The WFP Income Fund is approved for both direct and retirement plan investments through Wilshire, your self-directed IRA account or through the Fidelity Investments or TD Ameritrade platforms.

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