Wilshire Finance Partners is a verified direct private money portfolio lender that provides borrowers with speed and flexibility through a consistent internal funding platform. We are a collateral-based lender that focuses primarily on property value and property cash-flow.

Our typical borrower is an experienced real estate investor that uses Wilshire’s financing to capture and capitalize on real estate opportunities, including, purchasing properties at a discount through short sales, real estate owned by banks (REO), foreclosures, trustee sales, probate, and other distressed situations; repositioning income producing properties; freeing up equity in their existing real estate portfolio for other opportunities through cash-out refinancing; debt restructuring and discounted payoffs; and other situations and opportunities.  These borrowers need to bridge a gap in timing or financing not offered by traditional lenders and they use Wilshire’s funds for speed and flexibility.

Wilshire funds many types properties, including non-owner occupied single family residences, 2 to 4 unit properties, apartments/multifamily, office, retail, mixed use, warehouse, industrial and other income producing property that meet our requirements.  However, Wilshire does not lend against owner-occupied single family residences or owner-occupied 2 to 4 unit properties.



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