Lower Risk, Higher Yield Investing

For most investors, the nirvana of investing would be finding an investment that provides high current returns, high capital appreciation, and zero principal risk. Alas, such an investment
only exists in fiction. The reality is that all investing involves some degree of risk.

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Home Prices and Wages

While a study released on Thursday by RealtyTrac shows a huge discrepancy between the growth in home prices and increasing wages, it appears that housing in most of the country remains affordable. The California company looked at wage growth and home price appreciation over recent two year periods and found that the former is far from keeping up with the latter.

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Wilshire News | July 2014

The following articles are examples of the warning signs that continue sound in the news for many fixed income investors. As an alternative investment platform, Wilshire continues to build its portfolio in the WFP Income Fund through short term investments with a healthy spread to treasuries and little to no correlation to interest rates or the bond markets.

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Wilshire News | March Edition

Wilshire News | March Edition: Commercial Real Estate Value On The Rise.
Real estate values are finally on the rise and stablizing. Both residential and commercial properties are seeing strong gains and forseeable long-term yields.

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