NAPFA Conference Booth #208

NAPFA 2016 Spring Conference

Visit Wilshire Finance Partners At Booth #208

NAPFA 2016 Spring Conference

2016 Spring Conference Program Agenda

Dates:   May 17-20, 2016
Location:  Sheraton Grand Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ

Stable Income and Principal Protection ™ — is what Wilshire Finance Partners has delivered to investors through its WFP Income Fund. As a pooled mortgage fund offered only to accredited investors under a private placement, it is not correlated to the stock or bond markets and has little to no sensitivity to interest rates. It is an evergreen fund with a potential investment horizon of approximately 2 years. With a target annualized return 7.5% to 8% and a stable NAV, the fund is available on the Fidelity and TD Ameritrade platforms and is being positioned by advisors as a short term fixed income alternative investment in the portfolios of their clients.



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