Our Business Standards

Wilshire Finance Partners strongly believes in building its business upon a code of conduct founded on high ethical standards
and prudent business practices. What follows are the details of our unique Investor-Friendly Service Assurance.

Due Diligence

Our investors have the right to examine all related under­writing and due diligence performed by Wilshire on any loan, ask questions related to the loan, and perform such other reasonable independent due diligence required by the investor prior to committing to fund or purchase that loan. There will be no undue urgency or push to fund or purchase a loan.

Property Review

Our investors may review the appraisals and other infor­mation which may have been used by Wilshire to determine the value of the property constituting the collateral for a loan. Further, our investors may conduct independent reviews and inspections of the property to determine the condition, sufficiency, value, and marketability of the collateral prior to committing to fund or purchase the loan.

Loan Terms

Our investors may review loans for potential investment based criteria they may establish, including, the interest rate, loan-to-value, underwriting criteria, funding and advance conditions, restrictions, terms, fees and other criteria prior to committing to fund or purchase the loan.


Our investors may elect to use the same loan servicer used by Wilshire or assign a separate servicer and/or trustee for their loan.


Our investors have the right to self-select loans for their investment portfolio. This means that each of our investors, in their discretion, may make a decision to invest in a particular loan or to not invest in a particular loan based on their own investment objectives and investment criteria.


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