When we designed and launched the WFP Income Fund in 2013 as an alternative to REITs, Wilshire thought through and elected to address many of the issues raised in this article:

More Info on nontraded real estate investment trusts

Predictions for non-traded REITs

  •  No Load or Commission.  Rather than building in large up front loads and commissions to sell our fund through broker-dealer networks, we designed the fund to be offered through registered investments advisors as part of their holistic portfolio management approach and the charging of reasonable fees for their services.
  • Platform Access.   Although the fund is not exchange traded, it is available across various platforms to assist advisors, including Fidelity Investments and TD Ameritrade.
  • Alignment with Investors.  Wilshire and its principals are investors in the fund.  Further, the fund is designed without discounts or haircuts to its portfolio investments to ensure that a higher return is realized through the fund.

As a result, though November 30, 2015 the WFP Income Fund delivered an 8.06% net annualized non-compounded return and a stable NAV.

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