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Commercial Real Estate Value On The Rise

Real estate values are finally on the rise and stablizing. Both residential and commercial properties are seeing strong gains and forseeable long-term yields. For investors, common important factors are location, demand, and sector. Single-family home prices were up 11.8% in November, according to CoreLogic, and 2013 was in fact the best year for home price appreciation since 2005.

Why now is better than ever to invest with Wilshire…

There is high demand for commercial real estate loans due to the current rise and stability in the market. Yet banks and financial institutions are still a bit skittish to write a loan to finance commercial real estate as property values haven’t been up from the bottom for long.

For the first time in over a decade, a trust deed investor can expect to make up to 9% on a commercial real estate loan to an investor with excellent credit on a commercial property with an extremely low LTR cost ratio. In the past, a bank would jump at such a deal and offer the borrower a loan at less than 6% interest. This opens the door for you, and presents a perfect opportunity to earn secure, low risk returns with Trust Deed Investments through Wilshire Finance Partners.

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Press & Resources

By: Don Pelgrim

For many professionals time is at a premium, and many aspects of your personal life unrelated to your core practice may not receive the full time and attention they require, or they are delegated to others to manage. Like the health of a patient, your personal investment needs and objectives may change based on a variety of factors – some of which are controllable and others that are subject to external factors beyond your control. Further, similar to the patient that drifts further away from a healthy lifestyle over time, inattention or neglect in reacting to those factors affecting your investments may compound the problems in an investment portfolio.

Portfolio Check-Up

Physicians often talk with their patients about
changes they can make to create better balance and, as
a result, better health. Many of these changes are the
elements of a healthy lifestyle the patients learned about
in grade school but either forgot about, failed to implement
or drifted away from. Tragically, although the physician
as a counselor reminds their patients about these
fundamental principles, many times the wake-up call
for a patient comes after a catastrophic event.
In order to maintain a healthy portfolio, the following
are the top five touchstones that should be considered
in the next “check-up” of your investments:

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Other News:

  • Never let tax tails wag investment dogs. Financial advisors generally counsel their clients not to invest for the sole purpose of reducing their tax liabilities. It can end badly.
    5 top tax-advantaged investments for 2014

Quotes of the Week…

“If the wind will not serve, take to the oars.
– Latin Proverb

“If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on.
– Sheryl Sandberg

“A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study.”
– Chinese Proverb


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