Bank Partner Program


Customer Retention & Relationship Development

Banking is about relationships – those you build and those you are able to keep. We all know the effort that goes into building relationships and unfortunately when a bank turns down a loan an opportunity is created for your competitors. Not only do they get a new loan…they also get a crack at the whole banking relationship.

Satisfy your customer’s need without creating an opportunity for your competition.

Wilshire Finance Partners is a private money portfolio lender with offices in West Los Angeles and Orange County that focuses on short term, small balance bridge loans and interim financing secured by residential and income producing real estate. Wilshire’s team of originators and underwriters has extensive banking experience and all of our credit and underwriting decisions are made in-house. However, we are not a bank and do not compete with you for your customer’s banking relationship. Rather, we partner with banks to provide short term bridge loans to meet the current needs of their customers while working with the you and your guidelines, as their banker, to provide your customer with a plan to secure more a permanent, less expensive loan through your bank in the future. This off-balance sheet solution also provides you with additional benefits, including additional marketing opportunities and fee income while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Some of the benefits of Wilshire’s Bank Partner Program include:
Retain & Develop Deeper Customer Relationships
Avoid Competition & “Poaching”
Generate Fee Income
Create Multiple Lending Opportunities
Expand & Diversity Product Offerings
Provide Superior Service
Maintain Regulatory Compliance


Proven   Professional   Performance™

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