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Wilshire Finance Partners is a leading real estate investment firm and portfolio lender providing wealth-building solutions for investors and borrowers. Our focus on stable income, principal protection and higher yields, combined with our highly rated customer service, makes Wilshire the go to resource for alternative investments. We provide attractive capital solutions to borrowers from our strong lending culture, commitment to exceptional performance and uncompromising integrity.


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Creating Monthly Cash Flow

Creating Monthly Cash FlowTrust deed investments provide investors an opportunity to earn monthly income while protecting their principal investment.

Trust Deeds

Stable Income & ProtectionTM

Stable-Income-and-ProtectionWFP Income Fund, LLC provides investors with stable income and principal protection through a diversified portfolio of real estate secured loans. WFP Opportunity Fund, LLC provides investors with higher risk adjusted returns through debt and equity investments in real estate.


Loans and Investments

Loans-and-InvestmentsAs a private money portfolio lender, Wilshire Finance Partners provides borrowers with speed, flexibility and superior service.



  • I´ve been with Wilshire Finance Partners for almost two years now, and I really appreciate the consistent returns. It´s just hard to find 9% or better in today´s markets. Like clockwork, I get my check every month. It gives me a lot of confidence in the entire program.
    David R. of San Diego, CA
  • Finally an investment that isn´t a house of cards, just straight-up common sense investing. And I like the fact that I can talk directly to the people running the company and get straight answers. Thank you for your expertise and hard work.
    Marc P. of Pacific Palisades, CA
  • At where I am in life I don´t feel I can afford risk anymore. That´s why I like my Wilshire investment. I like the fact that the borrowers have a substantial investment of their own money in the property that helps protect my investment.
    Robert S. of Malibu, CA
  • When I got involved with Wilshire, I started with a small portion of my retirement account. Now it´s one of my better performing investments, and I´ve already increased my position by 50%. I recommend Wilshire to all my friends.
    Dave E. of Los Angeles, CA

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