Multifamily Bridge Loans

Delivering customized small balance bridge and permanent loan solutions for Multifamily Real Estate.

Multifamily Bridge Financing

Wilshire Finance Partners has decades of experience creating flexible financing solutions for multifamily / apartment bridge loans. In any housing market there will always be a need for rentals. From our on-balance sheet portfolio bridge loan program to permanent financing solutions, Wilshire helps real estate investors maximize value on acquisitions and refinances.

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What Is a Multifamily Bridge Loan and How Is It Structured?

Multifamily bridge loans provide financing for the purchase, renovation, stabilization and refinancing of multifamily real estate. A multifamily bridge loan is a short-term or interim financing option, often used by borrowers when speed and flexibility is required. Multifamily bridge terms can vary depending on the loan type and lender. Wilshire Finance Partners is a direct lender using its capital to fund bridge loans from $500,000 to $10,000,000 secured by multifamily properties nationwide.
Examples of transaction types:
Cash-Out Refinance
Bridge-to-Permanent Financing

Wilshire Finance Partners Multifamily Bridge Loan Program

Loan Amount
$500,000 to $10,000,000
Up to 3 Years
Fixed or Variable
Purchase, Rate and Term Refinance, Cash Out Refinance
Lien Position
First or subordinate

Benefits of Multifamily Bridge Loans

While bank and agency-based loans offer permanent financing for some investors, there are many transactions where expedited timeframes are crucial to making the deal happen. Multifamily bridge loans provide fast financing and certainty of execution, especially when a transaction may fall outside of traditional lending parameters. For example, a multifamily investor seeking to acquire an apartment building may find themselves in a situation with multiple bidders and cannot afford to wait for permanent financing if they want to act fast. Bank or agency financing is not as nimble as a private credit bridge lender. Wilshire can quickly expedite these requests and/or tailor the loan to meet the buyer’s needs.
Fast, Flexible Financing
Certainty of Execution
Easier to Obtain
Close in 30 days or less
Perfect for multifaceted transactions requiring expedited timeframes

When to Use a Multifamily Bridge Loan

When should you use a multifamily bridge loan? Knowing when to leverage short-term interim financing through a trusted financial partner can successfully keep your project on time and successful. Wilshire’s nationwide bridge loan program is used for the purchase, rate and term refinance, or cash-out refinance of multifamily real estate.
Use a Wilshire bridge loan under the following circumstances:
Tight Timelines
Unstabilized Property
Value-Add Opportunities
Special Situation Lending

Wilshire Bridge Loans vs. Agency/Bank Multifamily Financing

Underwriting Timeframe
Minimum Amounts
120 days avg.
$1 million +
25 - 35 years
Wilshire Finance
15-45 days avg.
Up to 3 years

Frequently Asked Questions

What loan product offerings are available for the purchase or refinance of multifamily properties?

Wilshire offers bridge and permanent loan solutions for the purchase and refinance of multifamily properties.Bridge loans are typically easier to obtain and can close faster than agency or bank loans. This is because bridge lending is not subject to the same time lines and underwriting requirements that agencies and banks have.

Does Wilshire offer bridge and permanent financing for multifamily properties?

Yes, Wilshire offers customized bridge loans and permanent financing for multifamily properties.

Does Wilshire accept loan requests from mortgage brokers, mortgage bankers and banks?

Yes, Wilshire works directly with all intermediates and ensures broker protection.

How quickly can Wilshire close a bridge loan on multifamily properties?

Wilshire can close a loan in 15 to 45 days.

Is Wilshire a direct lender?

Yes, Wilshire is a direct lender. The WFP Income Fund, LLC and The WFP Opportunity Fund, LLC are real estate debt funds and are the capital engine driving Wilshire’s bridge loan program.

What are the advantages of financing a multifamily property with Wilshire?

Formed in 2008, Wilshire Finance Partners is a real estate debt fund manager that makes bridge loans secured by multifamily, commercial real estate, senior housing facilities, and medical office buildings nationwide. Wilshire combines an entrepreneurial approach, institutional sophistication, and discretionary capital inside a boutique environment to deliver outstanding service to our origination partners and affiliates.
Real estate debt funds with discretionary capital to lend.
Experienced professionals representing various disciplines in real estate, banking and investments.
The team has funded and managed over $3 billion in commercial real estate loans.

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