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What is a Bridge Loan in Commercial Real Estate?

A commercial real estate bridge loan provides a short-term or interim financing solution. It helps bridge the gap in timing or financing for a short period of time until the stabilization, sale or refinancing can be obtained for commercial properties. That timeframe can range from a couple of months to a couple of years.

Also known as commercial mortgage bridge loans, these loan types are often used for the purchase, rehabilitation, and stabilization of commercial real estate properties including, mixed-use, self-storage, warehouse, light industrial, healthcare real estate, and other property types. Bridge loans can be used when traditional financing (banks or agencies) is not a viable option, due to time constraints or other criteria that may make the transaction fall outside traditional lending parameters.

Bridge loans use a collateral-based lending approach, placing the greatest emphasis and weight on the cash flow and collateral value of the real property. Further, commercial bridge loans typically close faster than traditional loans. Borrowers across sectors looking to finance value-add or opportunistic acquisitions, or refinance a property, gain a competitive advantage by leveraging the flexibility and speed of a bridge loan.

Utilizing a bridge loan as a strategic or specialized tool can benefit a variety of circumstances, especially when a borrower or investor is looking to acquire commercial real estate, refinance an existing property, or make improvements to refresh and reposition the building. When traditional capital is increasingly hard to come by, borrowers need an efficient and timely solution to continue to push business objectives forward.

A bridge loan isn’t the answer to every scenario, but neither is traditional financing. Short-term commercial real estate bridge loans are a viable alternative when time is of the essence, and there is a need for execution certainty paired with fast, flexible, tailored capital solutions.

Since 2008, Wilshire Finance Partners has specialized in commercial real estate bridge loan financing with loans ranging from $1 million to $10 million. Read more about our commercial real estate loan programs below and contact us for a custom loan quote.

Commercial Mortgage Quick Reference Guide

The equity multiple is defined as the total cash distributions received from an investment, divided by the total equity invested. Essentially, it's how much money an investor could make on their initial investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Wilshire offer bridge and permanent financing for Commercial Real Estate?

Yes, Wilshire offers customized bridge loans and permanent financing for Commercial Real Estate.

Does Wilshire accept loan requests from mortgage brokers, mortgage bankers and banks?

Yes, Wilshire works directly with all intermediates and ensures broker protection.

How quickly can Wilshire close a bridge loan on Commercial Real Estate?

Wilshire can close a loan in 15 to 45 days. The average closing time for a bridge loan is approximately 30 days.

Is Wilshire a direct lender?

Yes, Wilshire is a direct lender. The WFP Income Fund, LLC and The WFP Opportunity Fund, LLC are real estate debt funds and combined as the capital engine driving Wilshire’s portfolio bridge loan program.

What are the advantages of financing Commercial Real Estate with Wilshire?

Formed in 2008, Wilshire Finance Partners is a real estate debt fund manager that makes bridge loans secured by multifamily, commercial real estate, senior housing facilities, and medical office buildings nationwide. Wilshire combines an entrepreneurial approach, institutional sophistication, and discretionary capital inside a boutique environment to deliver outstanding service to our origination partners and affiliates.


Real estate debt funds with discretionary capital to lend.


Experienced professionals representing various disciplines in real estate, banking and investments.


The team has funded and managed over $3 billion in commercial real estate loans.

Benefits of a Commercial Real Estate bridge loan

The main benefit of bridge debt is flexibility. It provides borrowers with short-term debt to quickly close on properties, complete renovations, and maximize its value.

When should you use a bridge loan for a Commercial Real Estate deal?

When there is a gap in timing or financing, bridge loans are a great solution for borrowers that need speed and flexibility. Wilshire Finance Partners is a direct bridge loan lender delivering fast and flexible funding that enables property owners to acquire properties or gives them the luxury of time to execute on their plan, whether that is to stabilize and sell the property or to obtain long-term financing from a conventional lender.

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